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Lazy summer days…

The photography guru who is the head of my group at home would be rolling his eyes over the idea that I spent all day yesterday instructing my friend in the art of photo editing in Lightroom.  I did stress to her that this is my interpretation of what was taught to us, not to be taken as gospel that this is how it’s supposed to be done.  We took pictures, visited with friends, and kept our activity to a minimum in this heat.  Heat to rival Florida, but no one up here seems to be equipped with A/C, not as we are in FL.  Hardy New Englanders endure the winters, I thought, but I had forgotten about the summers.  But next week will bring relief, or so they say…7-2boatHDR7-2gazeboHDR7-2naughtynellie's7-2tracktor7-2goldfinchYes, we had ice cream, just sayin’

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