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Riding the rails…

Taking the light rail to go to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor yesterday seemed like a really good idea from the point of view of not having to find a parking space.  I needn’t have worried though, because there are lots more parking garages, and hotels, and more of, well, everything, at the Inner Harbor now.  And the light rail was fine, until we wanted to go home and had to wait for a train, and the ride home seemed to take so much longer than the ride to the harbor had.  And we got home just in time for Georgie, the kitty above, to catch the mouse we suspected he had been stalking all day.  Georgie is a rescue who has no claws and few teeth, but he is a great hunter.  But what he did with that mouse remains a mystery, and as I laid down on the couch to go to sleep I thought I’d lay there awake worrying that he’d decide to bring it to the couch with me to finish it off.  He didn’t.  Now to see what photos I got yesterday.  But I got this one ready immediately.  Soon my granddaughter and her Sam will be in Munich, starting an adventure together.  But for now they are here with us…7-9KaraandSam

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