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Friday the 13th…

It started innocently enough, with a call from Kathy’s daughter.  She proposed a photo op at The Weirs, and she wanted to pick us up in her convertible for the ride.  As Kathy and I were trying to load all our camera equipment, as well as ourselves, into the car she likened us to Thelma and Louise.  But we were off, and though the sunset wasn’t much to speak of the area was good for night photography.  We wandered and took pictures, a fun time.  It was on the way home that Friday the 13th asserted itself.  That’s when Kathy’s granddaughter called to warn her mother to be careful when she came home because ‘there’s a bear in the garage and he won’t leave’.  I assumed it was a joke, but we soon figured out that it wasn’t.  The bear had been there a while and nothing Kathy’s son-in-law had done, including shooting the gun a couple of times, had budged the bear.  As would have been the case in any good horror movie, Jen’s cell phone was dead, so she dropped us off and headed for home with the vague plan to blast the horn as she drove up the driveway in her little convertible and made a mad dash into the house.  So if bears vs. alligators is the question, I’m pretty sure my answer would be neither.  And yes, she got home safe.  But the Fish and Game people said that until the bear attacks a big-ish animal, rather than only having killed the neighbor’s chickens, they can’t do a thing.  Hmm, suddenly the idea of running into a bear while camping in New Hampshire doesn’t sound as far-fetched…


9 thoughts on “Friday the 13th…”

  1. It’s so nice to see someplace in NH that is still the same. So much of the area, where I spent my high school years, has been built up and inrecognizable to me. But the Weirs is still the same!! Yeah!! I believe the Drive-In theater is still there, too.
    When I was old enough to date, we had only 2 destinations. The movie theater in Laconia or the Weirs for bowling. Summertime, we had to compete with tourists for the Drive-in and the Mini golf over on the road to Meredith. Great memories, thanks Sue!!

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  2. Ditto to Deb, so cool, and so many teenage memories!!! In fact Greg and I just drove through the Weirs a couple days ago, reminiscing and smiling!!!
    Bears are a plenty this year and as scary as they are up close, I feel bad for them until the reality sets in that the noise I am hearing at 9pm is a bear on our deck licking the grates of the gas grill that Greg left the top open! He was only 3ft from our bedroom slider!!!

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