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Antiques and more…

It’s Salisbury, NH’s 250th birthday this year.  The Sestercentennial, for which there is a competition for the residents involving placing a wagon and flowers out on your property.  This one is my favorite, so far, the truck that is.  But the wagon is fun too.  Plus another covered bridge, more photos from Weir Beach, and alpacas from the local veterinarian’s yard.  As we were driving the other day I said to Kathy that I’m not in Florida anymore, she said, “You’re not in Kansas either.”  No, I’m not.  And I won’t be here much longer.  The dreaded good-byes are just around the corner, but only ’til next time…

7-14truck7-14wagonwheels7-14coveredbridge7-14dock27-14dockbirds7-14bluehouseHDR7-14boohoo7-14alpaca17-14alpaca2I love that little kid from Weir’s Beach.  I thought I was taking pictures of a little kid having fun on the beach.  Turned out she was sobbing her eyes out.  My daughter once said of me that I see what I want to see, if the shoe fits…

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