North Conway, NH…

LqJust down the road from the Mt. Washington hotel you will find the charming little town of North Conway.  We shopped, we ate, or more correctly, we pigged out, And then attempted to walk off our lunch while we acted silly and took photographs.  I have always said that when we get together I feel like we are a couple of 15 year old grandmothers, and apparently that’s never going to change…7-16horsefeathers7-16bee17-16bear7-16church7-16turkeyKathy has three wild turkey ‘moms’ with a lot of babies in her yard daily.  They are fast, I haven’t gotten good pictures.  But I’ve often thought that wild turkeys don’t look like ‘real’ turkeys.  Finally one put on a show when I was trying to take pictures.  Guess they really are turkeys aren’t they?

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