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The Mt. Washington Hotel…

… was what I pictured to be the attraction of going to Mt. Washington.  But no, there is a road to the top of the mountain by that name, and everyone who has mentioned it to me has insisted that it’s treacherous and wanted to know if we drove to the top.  We didn’t.  Kathy said that she and her husband attempted it but turned around so she wasn’t up for it, and I once went over Independence Pass in Colorado while emergency vehicles rushed up the mountain as I drove down.  Totally different mountains those Rockies, but the memory is vivid and I certainly didn’t push to take the drive.  So we enjoyed the scenery, had an iced coffee, shopped a little, and had lunch on the way home.  I’m glad we didn’t let the forecast of afternoon storms stop us because the weather was perfect.  We have had days that we sat at home and talked, and we have had all day adventures out and about, and either way they have all been great days.  Must be the company…7-16hotel57-16hotel37-16hotel27-16moose7-16hotel67-16hotel77-16hotel87-16hotel9

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