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Mountains and old men…

I will admit that I had high hopes for this road trip.  High enough hopes that I scared myself a little.  Would it live up to my impossible expectations?  And I’m happy to say that yes, yes it has.  And still I wander…

When you go to the Franconia Notch area of New Hampshire and buy a ticket to visit the Flume Gorge you will see that there is a deal available and you may decide to also buy a ticket to ride the tram to the top of Cannon Mountain.  What a spectacular view of the distant mountain ranges, which the guide said included NH, VT, NY and even Quebec.  I can only show you photos, but can’t say which mountains you are viewing.  I just know that they are beautiful.  Is it any wonder that my old friend has permanently lost his heart to these mountains?


The trees on top of the mountain aren’t particularly tall, but I wouldn’t have noticed that on my own.  My own personal mountain man guide says that it’s because the snow and wind breaks off the tops of the trees.  And then I saw what he meant.

7-23old man

Canon Mountain was also the home of the Old Man of the Mountain, an image and name that I knew from childhood, but never saw in person.  I snapped this photo of a poster just as we were hopping onto the tram, because seeing the rock formation that formed the ‘face’ makes you understand how it came to fall in 2003.  This next from Wikipedia;

The Old Man first became famous largely because of statesman Daniel Webster, a New Hampshire native, who once wrote: “Men hang out their signs indicative of their respective trades; shoemakers hang out a gigantic shoe; jewelers a monster watch, and the dentist hangs out a gold tooth; but up in the Mountains of New Hampshire, God Almighty has hung out a sign to show that there He makes men.”

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The Flume…

New Hampshire sunsets happen behind layers of mountains, but if you are lucky you see the sky light up before it’s done altogether.

On Saturday we found the trails I was looking for on Friday, when we made a last minute decision to go to the Flume Gorge.  With it’s wooden walkways, and an 800 foot gorge, it sounded like a beautiful sight to see.  And while there was a nice trail to follow to get to the walkway, that trail was straight uphill.  The struggle to get up the hill was real, and the fellow hikers were encouraging to each other as we made our way up the hill.  Fortunately there were benches and boulders to sit on to rest as you headed ever upward.  I thought that instead of climbing every mountain we were sitting on every bench, and when I said that out loud I heard a few people around us laugh in agreement.     Here and there along the way we saw people who had gone off the trails and made their way onto the boulders in the river, usually for photo ops.  (Not me, I had my hands full just getting up the hill).  And there was one guy who was doing his darnedest to make a rock pyramid by trying to balance a triangular rock on one of it’s points and get it to stay long enough to take a picture.  It was giving him lots of trouble, that was obvious, so we kept on with our climb, but when we reached an overlook the people up there were excited because they could see that this guy had succeeded.  There he was down below in the gorge, taking pictures of his creation.  I have no idea how he managed this feat, if smaller rocks were helping to keep it in place, or possibly mud?  It’s a mystery.


That this gorge was discovered in 1808 by a 93 your old woman who happened across it while fishing is especially amazing to think about.  I’ll bet there weren’t any benches for her to sit on back in her day.  And I ought to mention that there is a bus available that will take you up the trail to the walkway, and back down.  But we are tough, or possibly just stubborn, we made it on our own…

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Reliving your childhood…

I don’t know about you, but when I had a chance to have another adventure with a childhood friend I took it.  I had faith.  A camping trip, a chance to go back to favorite camping spots, only I got to go along this time.  I imagined a hike along a trail through the woods, a camping spot with scenic views, so I was lugging my camera bag, which I came to regret.  The reality was that I had to stick to using the iPhone for photos because what we wound up doing was blazing a path through the woods because there was no trail.  And we crossed the river several times, which required picking your way over and around the boulders that filled the river bed.  This part of the river didn’t always exist, a flood rerouted the river, downing trees and depositing these huge rocks.  And the campsite was pretty much gone.  Now that I know that we survived with only minor scrapes and bruises I can say that it was fun.  I could just imagine how much fun it would have been 60 years ago.  We would have scrambled over those rocks as if it were nothing.  I can see us now…7-16openroad7-16rock37-16rocks47-16rockw

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The Mt. Washington Hotel…

… was what I pictured to be the attraction of going to Mt. Washington.  But no, there is a road to the top of the mountain by that name, and everyone who has mentioned it to me has insisted that it’s treacherous and wanted to know if we drove to the top.  We didn’t.  Kathy said that she and her husband attempted it but turned around so she wasn’t up for it, and I once went over Independence Pass in Colorado while emergency vehicles rushed up the mountain as I drove down.  Totally different mountains those Rockies, but the memory is vivid and I certainly didn’t push to take the drive.  So we enjoyed the scenery, had an iced coffee, shopped a little, and had lunch on the way home.  I’m glad we didn’t let the forecast of afternoon storms stop us because the weather was perfect.  We have had days that we sat at home and talked, and we have had all day adventures out and about, and either way they have all been great days.  Must be the company…7-16hotel57-16hotel37-16hotel27-16moose7-16hotel67-16hotel77-16hotel87-16hotel9


North Conway, NH…

LqJust down the road from the Mt. Washington hotel you will find the charming little town of North Conway.  We shopped, we ate, or more correctly, we pigged out, And then attempted to walk off our lunch while we acted silly and took photographs.  I have always said that when we get together I feel like we are a couple of 15 year old grandmothers, and apparently that’s never going to change…7-16horsefeathers7-16bee17-16bear7-16church7-16turkeyKathy has three wild turkey ‘moms’ with a lot of babies in her yard daily.  They are fast, I haven’t gotten good pictures.  But I’ve often thought that wild turkeys don’t look like ‘real’ turkeys.  Finally one put on a show when I was trying to take pictures.  Guess they really are turkeys aren’t they?