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I’ve missed you…

Yes, I abandoned the blog of my own free will, but it didn’t cease to exist like I thought it would.  No, daily I receive notices of someone enjoying a post they’ve somehow come across out there in the universe.  And notices of a few new followers here and there, and I feel badly.  Lately I’ve been wanting to write but I’ve been fighting it.  Not knowing how often I might write, and not wanting it to take over my life again.  So for now I guess this is me, on a comeback of sorts, just making my way in life one day at a time.  If such a thing as a Snow Bird existed I’d insert a picture of one here.  But that’s what I will be in the very near future.  Based on the beautiful Nature Coast of FL, but on any given day who knows where I’ll be…

In my endless packing, which seems to get me exactly nowhere btw, I came across the money from my yard sale.  Money I had forgotten about.  And since I’m liable to do just about anything in this moving frenzy I seem to be in, the fact that I had forgotten about that money meant just one thing, it was time to spend it!  So my retail therapy happened yesterday, and I’m now the proud owner of a new Manfrotto tripod with a Gimbal head.  (Trust me, it’s a good thing.)  I was at Pasco Camera, for those nearby, and Jim couldn’t have been nicer.  I was at his mercy really, I knew I needed ‘better’ but that was about all I knew.  When I finally made a decision and it came time to pay him I took the baggie full of $1s out of my purse, my yard sale stash, and started counting them out.  I assured him that I wasn’t a stripper, just in case he was wondering, and he cracked up.  And says there is a new camera club in Brooksville that he just joined and said he’d send me the information.  I’ll pass that info along to my northern (FL) photo chicks when I get it.

So off I went to search for the eagles I’ve photographed before.  Their former nest is gone, but a new one is under construction.  But they weren’t around so I moved on to the Anclote fishing pier, determined to try out the new huge lens/better tripod combination.  Again, things were quiet until you could see churning a large area of the surface of the water.  Then mullet, hundreds of them, all jumped out of the water at once, sending the pelicans into action.  I hope I would have figured it out eventually, but another observer pointed out the young dolphin who was chasing that school of mullet.  I really wanted to get spectacularly better photos with the help of the new tripod, and maybe I will one day, with lots more practice.  I was glad to be out with the camera, but all that endless mess was still waiting for me at home…


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