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Moving forward…

I have been telling myself that I’m very lucky to be in the midst of what might be the longest ever move in history.  Not in miles, it’s 14 miles between houses.  But the fact that I have access to both houses means that for several weeks now I’ve been moving boxes, and taking pictures off the wall and loading them into the car, and boxing up dishes, and driving them to the new place, and then unloading them.  It ought to feel like I’m getting somewhere, but I’m not sure that it does quite yet.  Consequently I have lined up movers for what, for them, will be the easiest, fastest move in history.  They’ll only be moving the biggest, heaviest, pieces that won’t fit in the car even if I could carry them myself.  I signed documents online to set this up, page after page of electronic signatures.  Heaven knows what exactly I signed.  And then I read the fine print.  All the things the home owner is responsible for, and that failure to live up to your responsibilities will result in a higher-than-quoted bill.  And so I will place the mattresses in mattress bags, turns out uHaul had them, and somehow wrap the biggest TV in such a way that it meets their expectations.  But what really had me scratching my head was the insistence that the homeowner shrink-wrap any leather furniture.  So my leather recliner, which I love, will have to be shrink- wrapped by me.  But again, it was uHaul to the rescue.  I’ll bet that if I had called them for advice in the first place they could have handled the whole thing.  But little by little things are moving along.  Physically, of course, but what’s more exciting is that my life is moving forward…

6 thoughts on “Moving forward…”

    1. I’m heading up north but I can’t afford to move up north. I bought a tiny old mobile here, so I can afford to quit work and still travel and have fun. So I will be a snowbird, and that will allow me to escape the worst of the winter weather and to also keep my free healthcare plan in FL. It’s a win/win.


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