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Just call me crazy…

Someday I will pack the last box, load it into the car, and drive it to the tiny little mobile home that will allow me to be a snowbird.  But until that happens I am making multiple trips a day, loading and unloading, and then bringing home the empty boxes only to fill them up again.  And the unloading doesn’t mean that things are all put away.  That everything-in-it’s-place thing hasn’t happened.  And I’m itching to go to work on curtains, but I’m fighting that thought, for now.  Because back at home there is still endless stuff to deal with, it sometimes doesn’t seem like I’ve made a dent.  A friend posted something on Facebook today that would be the perfect solution.  She said take all the stuff you want to get rid of and box it into Amazon boxes and leave them on the front porch!  LOL.  But the new little place is starting to look like something.  I’m encouraged.  So I’ll be heading north one of these days, in spite of the cold and snow.  Just call me crazy…

2 thoughts on “Just call me crazy…”

    1. Cozy is realtor-speak for tiny, and that it is. But I’ve gone from thinking it just might be soul-crushingly depressing to call it home, to being happy to think that I’ll never mow the lawn again. Well, one more time here, but never once I’m there. And I thought I’d be able to clean my house in just an hour or two, but I was wrong. I think my chances of that being true have just increased. I’ve met nice people so far too, but they haven’t met Ozzie yet…


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