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My coworkers made me cry yesterday.  In a good way.  They gave me a lovely bouquet of flowers, and a card, and the sentiments written inside were what really did me in.  It’s for my re-retirement, something I thought I did in 2008.  But there was too much time to kill and that led me to the bakery, where I found people whom I’ll keep in my life forever.  They constitute my newest friends, but that doesn’t diminish the impact they have had on my life as they were there for me for the biggest challenge I’ve ever had.  Their friendship made that process a lot easier.  And it was a process, which has led me to be on the brink of a new adventure, back to the people and places of my youth.  I’m thankful for my friends, new friends and old friends,  I love you all!11-22retirement.jpg

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