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If only I was as good at talking other people into or out of things, it might come in handy. I am, however, really good at talking myself into and out of things.  Like last night, I was tired, too tired I said to myself, to go out for the sunset.  Which explains how it is that I only saw the sunset from my neighborhood, since Ozzie talked me into taking him for a walk.  I knew it would be a spectacular sky last night, and it was.  And I did also notice my neighbor’s update of their ‘campfire’ on the lawn.  Their first attempt with a black pot over the ‘fire’ hadn’t held up, but I saw this one as a coffee pot so maybe that’s why I liked it so much.

211-24campfireSo this morning I kept telling myself to get on the ball, get yourself moved for God’s sake, don’t go out for the sunrise, even though it was probably going to be pretty.  Then I thought about the fact that in a sense it would be the first sunrise of the rest of my life, and that thought got me out the door.  Not especially pretty, but I’ll have a lot more sunrises to see since I have no place else to be, and that’s good thing.11-24firstsunrise

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