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New neighborhood, nice sunset…

It’s complicated, this move.  That the house sold at all came as a surprise to me, but in a day?  And the opportunity to buy in an over-55 mobile community was even better news.  After my very needed, and wonderfully long, visit ‘up north’ over the summer I was in a quandary, needing more time up north, but also needing to be in FL and keep my healthcare plan.  This move will allow me to be a snow bird, able to retire, again, and enjoy the best of both worlds.  But the actual physical ‘move’ has been exhausting, because I’ve had access to the new place so I have moved a few boxes a day and it has felt endless.  I must have made progress because I have arrived at the particularly frustrating time when I walk into the bedroom, pick up the TV remote, turn and click only to realize that the TV and the bureau it sat on are both at the new place.  And I decided to bring steamed, spiced, shrimp to my cousin’s house for Thanksgiving, got everything ready,  and I opened the cupboard where I keep the spices and it was empty.  My underwear is at one house and my socks at the other.  I fixed that today though.  Now almost all my clothes are at the new place, I’m sure that won’t cause a problem at all.

When the papers are signed Ozzie and I will be hitting the road.  Being a snowbird doesn’t usually mean you are up north in the winter, but I need to be there.  So does Ozzie, because he’s not supposed to be in the park.  There is a no pets policy that’s been in place for years.  But in today’s world if you have a service dog they must be allowed free access.  If I was the sort of person who enjoyed a fight I’d bring him in and not care what repercussions come from that.  But I hate conflict, so I will head north now and see what happens.  Ozzie is the last of his litter still with us and I know that he probably doesn’t have a lot of time ahead of him.  But they will be good days, I’ll make sure of that.  He and I are in this together after all, he’s my boy, so I have to hedge my bets…11-25support dog

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