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Yard sales…

I’ve never understood yard sales.  What makes a person want to sort through someone else’s junk that they want get rid of so they can pay money to bring it home?  I’ve never stopped at one, but it looks as if having yard sales and attending yard sales is a ‘thing’ in this area.  It makes walking the dog in the morning a bit of a crap shoot as cars suddenly swerve to pull over when they see a yard sale and they aren’t looking for pedestrians.  I’ve also had to wait while the shoppers shop, because they haven’t pulled over far enough and they are blocking the street.

Now I’m holding yard sales with no experience and no idea what I’m doing.  And I was quite pleased with my first one.  I had hordes of people all day long, but I found out later that there was a big estate sale in the area so I must have benefited from that. Today  I was going complain that I gave a yard sale and nobody came, but as I’ve been writing people have been showing up, and it’s been fun talking with them.  And when one woman paid me with a two dollar bill, another shopper who watched that transaction bought the $2 from me for $2.25!  It’s turning out to be a profitable day!

11-30casualty.jpgBut alas, there was carnage…

Did you notice the Ozzie photobomb in the feature photo?

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