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Those great ideas…

This trip north in the winter was one of those great ideas that take over your mind until you put them into action.  And it’s already been a success, having seen some of my favorite people already.  And my dog Ozzie seems to be enjoying himself too.  But I have to admit that I left FL at exactly the wrong time.  The birds were arriving, migrating in for the winter.  I’ve seen such beautiful photos online, and I find myself wishing I was there.  A little, no regrets, but I now know for sure that I will have to be at least a part time Floridian.  This Great Blue Heron was out back on my last afternoon in my house.  And I wonder if the Sandhill Cranes will nest out back again. Wait, they won’t be in my backyard will they?  Oh well.  I told myself I was going to take winter photos here on Cape Cod, even though I knew it would be cold.  But it’s SO cold that I haven’t been out so far, but I will…

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