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Cape Cod in the winter…

I expected snow.  I expected to go outside to find close ups of snowflakes, and frosted-over pine cones, but so far it’s only cold.  And windy enough to have wind advisories posted, so colder than the thermometer said.  But I had a plan.  I dressed in four layers as I drove to visit a friend in my hometown.  I knew the trip would allow me to stop at the Cape Cod Canal for a photo op so I was trying to dress for success.  I failed.  I was lucky to find a boat coming toward me from the direction of the Sagamore bridge,  and barges approaching from the other direction, so it didn’t take long to get a few photos.  A blessing for sure.  I hear that it’s going to warm up a little.  I hope it does, and soon.12-18canal2.jpgBut in the meantime my flip flops have been retired…IMG_6508.jpeg

5 thoughts on “Cape Cod in the winter…”

  1. Familiar sights for Jim and Anita whose condo is right on the canal. They use a system of bell ringing to alert people up or down the canal of a spectacular boat or ship approaching!
    Stay warm girlfriend and I am loving the boots!

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