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50 shades of Grey…

No, not the book, I’m talking about the beach.  Grey’s beach, which was appropriately named, at least it was today. The sky, the water, and even the stones lining the boat launch area were gray.  50 shades for sure.  And the wind whipping made me very glad to have the tripod.  I walked out onto that very long pier, thinking that as long as I was there I ought to see what everything looked like from that vantage point, but I decided to turn around.  Which got me back to that new van that I love, which is also gray, just as it started to pour down rain.  And that’s when I discovered that yes, I had locked the van, but I had failed to close the side door.  It probably doesn’t sound like a great morning but there are no guarantees when you head out, so I’m not complaining.  12-21secondtry12-21shades112-21shades212-21gray612-21gray7


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