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Christmas, the day after…

I hate to admit this, but I remember thinking to myself, and in my memory I hear myself saying this in a very pouty voice, that now I had to wait 364 more days until Christmas would come again.  What a brat, and I recognized it at the time which is why I remember having that thought, and have always been ashamed of that particular memory.  What would have surprised me at the time, I think, is how the littlest things can make me so very happy these days.  People make me happy these days.  It’s a good feeling, like Christmas every day…12-26westyarmouth212-26westyarmouth312-26westyarmouth512-26westyarmouth612-26macroI found a little place to view the water in West Yarmouth today, and a great sale at the LL Bean store.  Now to get my little Lumix camera back to the proper settings.  It takes great pictures, like this holly, but somehow I have it out of whack.  It’s one of the things I was going to take care off after I retired, so what am I waiting for…

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