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I left my heart…

My home was my world when I was a kid, even knowing that there were places out there out of view, I think I thought those places would look exactly like my world.  I assume that kids see the world a little differently these days, even without traveling the world comes to us so vividly on TV and the computer.  I never appreciated what was around me until it wasn’t around me anymore.  I love the meandering stone walls that seem to be everywhere here.  I’m told that the rocks were unearthed as farmers tilled their land, and so they were used to define their fields.  They look quite random, like they just grew there on their own.  And then there are the cranberry bogs, a familiar sight in my coastal New England travels.  Massachusetts grows half the cranberry crop of the country, I know this since I googled it this morning, and they only grow in four other states.  I didn’t realize how much I liked seeing them until I was away and then came back and saw them again.  I didn’t stop for pictures the other day when the sun seemed to have this bog glowing, which is when it caught my eye.  After a day of rain it was sunny yesterday so I finally figured out a place to park the car and stopped for a few minutes.  Spotting scenes I’d like to take pictures of isn’t the problem, finding a place to pull the car over is the real issue.  If I’m now a snowbird I can truthfully say that my two worlds look nothing alike.  Florida has the sun and palm trees, and I love it.  But New England has the charm, and my heart…12-29bogs12-29bogs212-29bogs3

5 thoughts on “I left my heart…”

  1. For me, it is the cotton fields here, and the cranberry bogs when I am up North!! I loved my time up there, getting to know Brian’s family and friends, but home is here. Fried chicken, black-eyed peas, cornbread, and a big, tall glass of sweet tea with lots of ice!! And the cotton fields…a white carpet for as far as the eye can see!! That’s home!!

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