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Bodfish Park…

Recently a friend asked me if I had made any New Year’s resolutions.  I started to say no, but then I realized that at this point in time I’m living my life according to his philosophy.  And that is to have no plan, which means that life is always going according to plan.  Not so different from how I’ve lived my life so far really, just more deliberate.  As I got older I saw that life seemed to happen to me, I responded to the people and circumstances around me and somehow that became my life.  I’m lucky it turned out as well as it did, but if I think about it I’m bothered by the idea that I didn’t take charge of my life more.  Realizing it didn’t change anything, I’m still drifting.  Like yesterday when I asked the GPS to take me to Sandy Neck Beach for the sunrise, but when I looked at the pictures I took with my phone they said the location was Bodfish Park.  But the sunrise was still pretty so it turned out okay.  Kind of like my life…


4 thoughts on “Bodfish Park…”

  1. Great photo this morning! Don’t forget that you have taken your life and pretty much changed everything! That takes hutzpah lady!!! Not sure I would have the guts!

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    1. Good advice, thanks Ellen. Sorry I haven’t been up there yet. And that our Pinterest parties haven’t materialized. Life has gotten in the way for Kathy. If nothing else there is a light at the end of the tunnel by way of retirement after the school year.


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