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Sagamore Bridge sunrise…

I talked myself out of going out for the sunset the other night.  Blame it on the brand new pedicure and my reluctance to stick my newly polished toenails into my fuzzy slippers.  Or socks.  After all, it was twice as expensive as what I pay in Florida, so I stuck with flip flops that afternoon.  But after seeing how colorful the sunset turned out to be I regretted my decision.  Which is what got me out the next morning.  I decided to try a Sagamore Bridge sunrise.  There are lots of options for photos on Cape Cod, my only problems is that I’ve always thought that anything you want to do on the Cape is only a 10 minute drive away.  I’ve had to rethink that…01-16-19sagamoresunrise01-16-19sagamoresunrise201-16-19sagamoresunrise301-16-19sagamoresunrise4

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