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The phrase “Pee or get off the pot” comes to mind, one of my mother’s favorite sayings.  So I did, metaphorically speaking.  Restructured my life with the goal to have nothing to do but have fun for the rest of my days, however many of them there may be.  But in thinking about all the things I’ve longed to do in my life I needed to take it a step further.  I’ve said that I want to travel, to be footloose and fancy free.  And at this moment in time I feel that I’m physically able enough to tackle that lifestyle.  But there can be no more procrastinating, no more ‘somedays’ to look forward to.  It’s pretty much a ‘put up or shut up’ sort of thing.  ‘Do or die’?   

So I did.  Yesterday.  At the RV show.  Bought a tiny little travel trailer so I can take my show on the road, knitting and all.  I hope the learning curve isn’t too steep for me because I’m a total novice at camping of any sort.  I’d let myself get discouraged and overwhelmed at the thought, but then I think of the photo ops and I’m ready for this.  If I hadn’t done it yesterday I’d have wanted to go back today to sign on the dotted line.  Instead of traveling in the weather I’ll be googling places to go.01-20-19geopro

8 thoughts on “Cliches…”

  1. How adorable is that?!? and just to be safe…..I will go on a little diet so I am sure to fit in! LOL
    and to plagiarize your friend Theresa’s word….I may now refer to you as my BFF…Spunky Barley!


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