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Howard Park…

This post has been sitting as a draft for months and months.  Written long before I ever thought about making the changes in my life that are now a done deal.  I left it there so that one day when I didn’t have a post to write I could use it.  So today’s the day evidently.  Now I’m nostalgic for the photo ops in Florida, not unlike how I was feeling about needing to get back to the people and places I loved in my long ago youth.  I think of my ex-husband telling me that I’d never be satisfied.  I think he was talking about my never-ending list of home improvement projects, but no matter what he meant at that moment I suspect that it was truer than I ever thought…

Long ago my friend had mentioned to me that their favorite place to go when she used to visit this area was Fred Howard Park, in Tarpon Springs.  Thinking of that I brought two of my grandchildren there quite a long time ago now, but I didn’t look at a map and had no idea that there was a causeway and a beach there.  That fact came to me recently when I saw a wonderful photo posted by a new photography friend, and it featured a lifeguard chair with sunset colors. It was wonderful.  And in my photography group it’s been said that studying others’s photos and trying to emulate them is a learning tool, so off I went.  I found the chair, and had to wait while beach goers were rousted off of it by the ranger who was there, and even then it was a challenge to compose a shot because the sun was setting to the right of the chair, darn it.  I did post some shots from that shoot, but I have found more, some on the iPhone.  I need to go back again, it’s a pretty park.6-7howardparkchairHDR6-7howardparkpalms

And from the sponge docks on the way home…6-7teaexchange

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