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Nobska Light…

After visiting with friends today I rushed back to Cape Cod with the thought that I could just make it to the Nobska Light in time for the sunset.  I imagined a beautiful sky as the background, after all, according to the map it sits on a point of land and I imagined that it would be equally photogenic at the sunrise or sunset.  As usual I was wrong.  Oh, it was pretty enough, and at about 4 PM the sunrise was lighting up the lighthouse nicely enough, but it wouldn’t have the color of the sunset in the background.  Plus it was extremely cold and windy.  So when Siri informed me that I was 50 minutes early for the sunset I decided to call it a day.  All in all it was a very nice day with a lot of cold weather, but a couple of warm people… 01-26-19nobskalight101-26-19nobska201-26-19nobska3As I complain about frozen fingers here on Cape Cod I need to remind myself that all these photos I’ve been taking are probably only to be gotten in the winter.  In the summer there would be mobs of people everywhere, and beach access restrictions to be aware of.  I will try to keep that in mind as I am tempted to complain over and over again.  Plus I did find my missing glove so it’s my own darned fault if I freeze next time…

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