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The Cape Cod National seashore…

I decided to take Ozzie with me on my photo shoot this morning.  He mostly naps in the car, but he was a hit at the gas station, and got a dog cookie and some petting from the employees.  He’s generally a hit wherever he goes, and he waits patiently while I wander around taking pictures.  Taking him with me will give me the ability to stay away from home longer during the day, out and about or in the RV, so I’ll have to get him used to it.  I’ll bet he’ll appreciate the warmer weather in the spring also.

I haven’t headed toward Provincetown since I’ve been here.  I was there over the summer and knew I wanted to see the Nauset Light again.  Plus I hoped for a great sunrise at the beach, but that didn’t happen. 01-28-19seashore01-28-19seashore201-28-19nauset01-28-19nausetclose01-28-19nausetclose2That was yesterday of course, since the sun isn’t up yet.  This morning I’m seeing photos from the sunset last night at the canal, and it was spectacular.  Sigh…

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