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The Cape Cod Light…

It only seemed sensible to head toward Provincetown from the Nauset Light.  I was probably half way there after all.  But imagine my surprise when I saw a sign directing me to take a right turn to see the Cape Cod Light.  I decided I couldn’t miss such a conveniently placed surprise photo op, so off we went. We being Ozzie and me.  I was disappointed to not have gotten more lighthouse photos when I was here over the summer, so I’m glad I finally saw a few today.  Of course  I imagined them with a wonderful sunrise or sunset sky behind them, but I guess you can’t have everything.  And besides, that’s what keeps you/me coming back…01-28-19capecodlight01-28-19cclight01-28-19cclight3

5 thoughts on “The Cape Cod Light…”

  1. Nice. So many of us are pulled to lighthouses. They touch the part of me that is drawn to adventure and maybe wanting to live on the edge. But at 74 not too close to the edge.

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