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01-28-19ptownfeatureIf you are on Cape Cod and you keep driving west you will get to P-town eventually.  I somehow got it in my head that Cape Cod is so small that you can get anywhere in 10 minutes.  Silly me for thinking that.  But I got there, P-town, with it’s charming shops, all appearing to be closed for the winter, and restaurants, also closed, and glimpses of the water between the houses with no where to park the car.  The streets are narrow, I would not suggest pulling an RV through the town.  That thought is the stuff of nightmares for me, that I might stumble into an impossibly small space with the RV and not be able to get out.  What? Me worry?

When I found a parking lot it was adjacent to the wharf.  Serendipity.  And the little lighthouse across the way was so cute, but I had no idea which one it was.01-28-19ptownharbor101-28-19ptownharbor201-28-19ptownharbor301-28-19ptownharbor41-28-19p-townrocks1-28-19p-townboats21-28-19p-townboatsIMG_6833.jpg

It’s no longer nameless, it’s the Long Point Light Station!  The photo was taken with my 600 mm lens and looked pretty sad, but I decided it was worth putting through Waterlogue and that image makes me happy!