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7 degree sunrise…

In looking for someplace new to go to for the sunrise this morning I saw a photo taken from Falmouth Heights Beach.  What the photographer said about it was that this was a good vantage point, and that this sunrise, that day’s sunrise, would never come again.  I liked that thought.  I found Falmouth Heights Beach on the map, and there was plenty of time to get there, or so I thought.  But as I was driving with 20 minutes to go until the sunrise I could see that the sky was already magnificent.  The GPS told me I had at least a half mile to go, but I came around a bend and saw a parking lot, and what turned out to be a wonderful vantage spot.  My plans get hijacked frequently, and I choose to think that it’s usually for the better.  So was it worth it?  Braving the 7 degree weather?  Yes, yes it was. 02-02-19Falmouth102-02-19Falmouth302-02-19Falmouth402-02-19Falmouth502-02-19Falmouth802-02-19Falmouth7

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