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Like a house afire…

But the house wasn’t on fire.  Those blazing windows were reflecting the sunrise at Dowses Beach that morning.  This was the last photo I took, mostly because my cameras had suddenly fogged over.  I had been shooting with both of them without a problem, but suddenly the lenses were covered in condensation.  The iPhone, however, trusty as it is, was fine.  I’m still happily shooting with an iPhone 7+.  I waited in line to buy the 1st generation iPhone and I’ve been replacing them with the latest greatest iPhone ever since.  Well, until now.  I had to have the 7+ with the two lenses and the bigger zoom.  But even that wasn’t enough  zoom so eventually I bought myself the Canon T6 kit, on sale, in hopes of being able to take close ups of the various birds who make their home in Florida over the winter.  It’s a very basic DSLR but I’m not planning to replace it until I learn to use this one a lot better.  I’ve added lenses however.  But despite having that camera and the Lumix lx5 I still resort to the iPhone frequently and am seldom disappointed.  The newest phones are reputed to have even better cameras in them, but honestly, good enough is good enough for me…


6 thoughts on “Like a house afire…”

    1. You are too kind. When I do get a photo that I like a lot I have to wonder what Jeff would do to it. I’m going to suggest a class like that when I get back to FL. Have him take other people’s pictures and show how he would have edited it. Probably mind blowing.


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