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Powder Point Bridge…

A 60 degree day was  all it took to get me out to the Powder Point Bridge in Duxbury, MA for what must have been the first time ever.  I had an image in my mind of a quaint little bridge, but the reality was that it was very long, weather worn, and built for utility.  There was a place to park, I was happy about that so that I could take pictures.  I expected the bridge would be the main event, but I was immediately distracted by the little lighthouse I could see way off in the distance.  The Gurnet Light I heard later.  I hadn’t used my 600mm lens in a very long time and this was my opportunity.  With the extender on the camera it was too much for me to focus sharply, and those photos turned out blurry.  I was going to have to get closer.  I saw that cars were traveling over the bridge, and even more exciting was that I could see them then taking a right and heading toward that lighthouse.  The speed limit on the bridge was 10 MPH, and on the dirt road heading toward the lighthouse it was 15 MPH, so there was a lot of time to appreciate the view that kept changing as I drove.  The ice that remained along the shore was melting and looked white and snowy.  And the signage was interesting, advising you of the dos and don’ts of watching the Snowy Owls that visit in the winter.  I wonder if they were there but nicely camouflaged.  I’m in hopes of finding Snowy Owls to photograph while I’m here this winter.  That would be the icing on the cake.02-06-19 Powderpointbridge102-06-191stphoto02-06-19bird02-06-19lighthouseview202-06-19lighthouseview302-06-19lighthouseview02-06-19closestlighthouseview

7 thoughts on “Powder Point Bridge…”

    1. I’m pretty sure that you were the one who first mentioned Powder Point to me. Were we 12 when we attempted to walk there? Duxbury to me was my uncle’s cottage and the rocky little beach right there. Beautiful expanses of white sand beaches were far in my future back then.


    1. Ha! Don’t envy me because that 60 degree day was a fluke! It was 32 this afternoon, and if I’m dressed properly I’m okay. But there was a wind advisory on my phone screen, as if I wouldn’t notice when I nearly lost hold of the camera this afternoon. I haven’t been out for photos for a couple of days, not only was the weather not cooperating, but I’ve been stripping wallpaper and painting at my sister’s house. Some people just know how to have fun!

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      1. Smiling. The same here. We’ve had nice days and then BAM! back to the 20s and 30s. It’s rare that we’ve actually had snow on the ground for a while here. It usually melts the next day.

        I miss getting out and taking winter photos but we’ve been busy here with school and everything. We usually bring a pot of tea and cake and sit at the garden’s gazebo. Lately, it is not the cold as much as it is the wind that keeps us away.

        Painting actually sounds like fun. I guess I just look at what is possible (not all the work) but then I am intrenched in the work and I ask myself “what was I thinking?” Glad to hear all is well with you. I have missed you horribly 🙂

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      2. Coming north my expected photo op was a snowy landscape. I know, be careful what you wish for. LOL. My friend in NH got some gorgeous shots, but Cape Cod doesn’t get as much snow as she does in NH.

        Nice to know I was missed. I tried NOT to start writing again but I couldn’t resist. My life has taken a turn, sold the house and bought a little mobile home in FL to keep as a home base. Plus I bought a little (actually could have been a lot smaller) RV and am hoping to be on the road with the dog once the weather gets better. Think of the photo ops out there, and I’ll like meeting people and hearing their stories. Mind you I’ve never camped a day in my life, but it’s now or never. I am able to do it physically right now so I’ll probably have to force myself to hit the road but I expect to love it…

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      3. Definitely watch what you wish for 🙂 Snowy landscape sounds so dreamy though… until your toes are frozen, and everything else!

        Glad you are able to be around and excited to see the travels you will go on. Sounds like a wonderful opportunity and yes… many things to photograph! I hope you enjoy yourself immensely and look forward to all that you are able to share!

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