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Sunset Hill…

The local photographers here on Cape Cod gave me a heads up on Sunset Hill.  You’d think that if you did a Google search for sunrise and sunset photo locations, and there was a place nearby called Sunset Hill, that it might have popped up as an option.  I have raved about how friendly the photographers in FL are, and apparently they are just the same here.  I was an hour early for the sunset, and there was a wind advisory in effect, and they weren’t kidding.  I could barely hold the camera steady in the wind, so I wimped out and figured I’d come back another day.  Hope I don’t have to wait too long for a nicer day.  Just when I think I’ve toughened up a bit, tolerating the cold a little better, Mother Nature tosses me a curve ball.  It’s been a long time since I felt as if I was hiding out at home and waiting for Spring…

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