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Home again…

When I have a reason to visit my hometown I always make sure to have my camera with me because I just can’t resist a drive through D. W. Fields Park.  The scenery is beautiful in every season, and I know I can count on seeing swans at the very least.  And yesterday I did.  The swan in the photo above spent more time in this upside down position than upright.  They are always so graceful, well, except for this one.

02-11-19swan102-11-19fieldspark602-11-19swan2When I got out of the car with the tripod I attracted a crowd of birds.  I suspect that people ignore the ‘do not feed the wildlife’ signs since the Canada geese formed a welcoming committee of sorts, and the gulls took to swarming in the air.  They quickly realized I I wasn’t going to feed them and did an about face.  I hated to disappoint them, but they certainly didn’t disappoint me.02-11-19fieldspark502-11-19fieldspark402-11-19fieldspark2

I rode my bike through this enormous park when I was a kid. Generations of families brought their kids here to feed the ducks.  Before it was illegal of course.   And it looks the same now as it did then no wonder I feel the need to return.02-11-19fieldspark302-11-19fieldspark