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Back to the bridges…

It wasn’t the first time I’d been out taking pictures and decided that the moment had passed and  headed to the car, only to turn around and rush back for one last photo.  That’s what this featured image is, a last shot with the iPhone because the color in the sky seemed to be coming back up after the heavy gray clouds had all but eaten up the view of the bridge.  And I hadn’t noticed the light on the railroad tracks until then either.  It was worth emphasizing the railroad aspect of this scene, after all, in order to find this spot again I asked Siri to direct me to the ‘old railroad bridge’.  I was rushing to get there in time for the sunset, and rushing to start shooting, and I thought that those gray clouds were why the railroad bridge wasn’t showing up as much as I wanted it to.  And then I saw it, that the bridge was down.   Once I saw that I got excited to think that the train would be coming over any second, but I was too late for that.  As I watched from a distance I saw the bridge rising.  The last time I was there a passer-by told me that a shot of the train coming through the trees towards you with it’s lights on was a great shot.  Another reason to try again…02-12-19bridgedown02-12-19bridgedown202-12-19bridgedown4

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