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Where the wind blows…

The day began with coffee with my son.  A rare event, a chance to talk.  A quiet time together.  And that was after a night of listening to the wind howling relentlessly. Which was a worry since I planned to move on to my daughter’s house, a long drive in the wind.  But I arrived safely, after hanging onto the steering wheel for dear life several times along the way.  And the day ended with a glass of wine with my daughter.  Not as quiet, but a nice visit with some of my favorite people.  A very rare day.  And this morning brings coffee with my daughter, and another windy drive ahead.  Heading home…02-26-19NYsunrise102-26-19NYsunrisefeature02-25-2019henryThanks to Henry for sleeping with me last night…

6 thoughts on “Where the wind blows…”

  1. Glad you had some time with each child! Not always easy to do. Just got home a bit ago because I worked so damn hard I wore myself out. Safe travels lady!

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    1. I just saw this Susan. I’m relieved to say that I enjoy the driving, I honestly do. On a long trip Charley and I used to switch off every two hours or so, and sometimes I’d be dying to get that break. But I’ve been fine so far, but you don’t get to enjoy the scenery as much, LOL.


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