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Home-made sunset…

I could have saved myself a lot of effort if I hadn’t been so stubborn.  I went ahead and took the little three day trip from NY to FL, even if the trip itself was no longer necessary and I could have just driven home, period.  And as soon as I got back to NY that’s what I did.  Being home and enjoying the warmth, and also seeing the chaos that still was waiting for me inside my home wetted my appetite to be here.  So I got back on Sunday night and left for PA the next morning. A very windy drive. I left again the next morning, with FL as my ultimate goal, and the GPS got me off the highway and onto some rural roads with landscapes that were a shame not to be able to photograph.  The road climbed some hills and curved around others, and at each peak the landscape fell away into little brown valleys.  And each valley seemed to have a farm house and a red barn.  It was a perfect rural landscape.  With my late start I didn’t get as far as I would have liked, and got off the highway when it got dark.  I don’t always mind driving at night, but as tired as I was it was the right choice.  And I was able to get up and on the road at 3 AM, which would put me at home by noon.

A friend asked me to send her any photo with green in it, she is weather weary in NH.  The drive along the highway was such that I couldn’t stop for photos, but I described to her the wonderful landscapes I was passing on Rt 10 in FL.  It’s horse country up there, and the grass in the pastures was almost artificial looking it was just that green.  I like seeing the fences that divide one pasture from another.  Trust me, the photos in my head were beautiful.

I was so tired that I didn’t think I’d get out for pictures after all that driving, but I suddenly remembered my cousin saying that she has a very nice photo of the sun setting over my new house so I went outside to check.  And yes, the sky was pretty, so I went to the pond here to see what it looked like there. Photo-worthy for sure02-27-2019senatesunset102-27-2019senatesunset202-27-2019senatesunset3It really is good to be home.  And as I was just getting ready to publish I realized that naturecoastimages.blog is back on the nature coast.



5 thoughts on “Home-made sunset…”

  1. Looks like another perfect spot for gorgeous sunsets and you don’t even have to drive! And with the cold and icy storms of this winter…..I am envious of your warmth and sun! Enjoy my friend!

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