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Shivering in Florida…

The weather wasn’t cooperating for the owl photo shoot a friend and I had planned for yesterday morning.  We did get to see the owls, but we are going back tomorrow.  And the sunset looked dubious, but it was the last Tuesday night for the sunset from the rooftop of the Clearwater library so we went in spite of the ominous skies.  And from the first moment we were there we were so glad we went.  In spite of the fact that the wind was relentless, making you very glad you had your tripod.  And with temperatures in the 50s we were freezing.  Not Cape Cod freezing, but cold, very cold.  But those rays of sun streaming through the clouds were an amazing sight.  Worth the chill.  This was the last of the shoots from the rooftop for this season because the sunset will be too late once we change the clocks this weekend.  Glad I made it.03-05-19library2


4 thoughts on “Shivering in Florida…”

  1. Have always loved the trail of sun rays! So pretty! However, I can not garner sympathy for freezing in the 50s. A balmy 8 degrees here! LOL

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  2. We were sooo lucky this past weekend to have a barred owl 🦉 hang out in our yard. He stayed all day and I got a few pictures with my iPhone. What a treat!! I used to do “bird counts” for the Audubon society twice a year and I would set up my tripod and have a blast taking pictures.

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