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Off to Venice…

If you are ever in Venice, Venice Florida that is, and it’s this time of year, then do yourself a favor and stop by the rookery to see the birds.  I wonder if a lot of people are like me and have no particular desire to photograph birds, but this time of year there are birds everywhere here, and to want to photograph them is irresistible.  Which explains why I bought my most powerful lens.  Because the photos I saw other people getting were so amazing that I had to try to get photos like that also.  And seeing those birds in their natural habitat, and learning about them, just spurs you on.  There were mostly Great Blue herons and Great White Egrets there, with a few Anhingas tossed in.  And a pair of hawks being chased off by a few grackles.  Friends went exploring and found a few alligators also, but not me.  After striking out weather-wise the last couple of days we couldn’t have had a nicer day to be out.  It was a good day.03-07-19anhinga103-07-19GBHbabt03-07-19greatblue+03-07-19greatblue+203-07-19greatbluebabies03-07-19greatbluefamily03-07-19greatbluetwo03-07-19hawk103-07-19hawk203-07-19hawk303-07-19hawk4

4 thoughts on “Off to Venice…”

  1. I like these photos. So glad you returned home when you did. So cold here. 21° this morning but sunny . Not warm enough to melt the ice and snow yet.

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