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Green Key Park…

I had promised myself all day that I’d go out for the sunset.  It was to be my reward for keeping my nose to the grindstone while I sorted out the last bits and pieces of my ‘stuff’.  That the day didn’t look promising didn’t discourage me much, the sunset often overcomes a dull looking day.  And besides, I had a backup plan.  I would head out for the sunset as usual, but I also loaded up the car with my laundry just in case.  One way or the other the evening wouldn’t be a waste.  The waste part is questionable, but there was excitement.  There was a near rear-end collision (I was scouting for more possible sunrise locations, for only a second I swear, and traffic had stopped ahead of me).  As my father used to say, and he was talking about my driving at the time, “an inch is as good as a mile”.  Then there was  a mad dash across a busy road to get cash for the laundromat.  I always wonder what would possess a person to run across a near highway, and now understand that they are merely getting cash to do their laundry.  But I got it, and got to the laundromat at 8:05, and found a sign to the effect that they were closing early, at 8:00, while they install new washers.  So those Green Key bridge at sunset photos are the big deal of the day.  I kept swearing to myself that I could see some color in those clouds.  I really did, but I can’t see it at all in the pictures.  And the storm that was threatening all day?  It still hasn’t arrived.  I guess that even the sunshine State has to do without the sun once in a while…


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