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Ospreys and more…

I have been to the rookery nearly every day since I bought my new camera.  Not the latest greatest Canon camera, but decidedly an upgrade.  So I was excited to go back to the rookery to use the new camera, with the 600mm lens.  And in addition to that I saw pictures of some wood stork chicks and now I was on a mission to see them for myself.  But all, literally all, of my pictures came out terrible.  A much higher percentage than normal.  But once I saw them on the computer I figured out what the problem was, I thought, and went back again the next day but with the same result.  Now I was worried.  Today I went back to the rookery and used the new lens that came with the new camera, which isn’t as much of a challenge to operate without a tripod and just the fence to use to steady the lens.  And not so many distractions since I had the place to myself after a while.  It’s always operator error…

Seeing an osprey at the rookery was a first for me, but not for the other photographer who was there when I got there.  He pointed out the osprey nest up high on some sort of telephone post, in plain sight, so it had obviously been there all along.


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