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Florida Botanical Gardens…

Little Miss Photographer sat on a park bench,

Enjoying a beautiful day.

Along came a black snake, that slithered her way,

And Miss Photographer called it a day…4-12-19butterfly34-12-19mothclose4-12-19butterfly44-12-19dragonfly14-12-19beeclose4-12-19dragonfly24-12-19bee24-12-19gator4-12-19greenheron4-12-19redwingblackbird4-12-19snake

5 thoughts on “Florida Botanical Gardens…”

  1. We have a sweet little bird family living in the potted fern hanging on our front porch. Last night and this morning we found a large garter snake slithering up the post looking for a meal. Now we are providing birdie security keeping those babies safe until they can fly.

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  2. I think butterflies are beautiful. I have seen a few here and there. Thanks for the lovely photos. Snakes aren’t my thing no matter the size.

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