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Living and learning…

A year and a half ago a blog reader encouraged me to find a photography group here in Florida.  It would be a way to meet people and also add to my growing enthusiasm for photography, she thought, and she was right.  So thanks LoisMargaret.  The group has done exactly that, brought me friends, got me out of the house, and I’ve learned so much about photography.  Today I went to a class on learning to take panoramic photos, and I left dying to try it.  And I knew just where to stop on the way home to practice.  Oh it’s not the ideal setting for these photos.  The ideal setting would be up high with scenery laid out below you.  It’s not easy to get up high here in Florida.  Mt. Dora claims to be Florida’s highest point at 186 feet about sea level, LOL.  But I thought the scenery in Dunedin on the way home would be a perfect spot to practice, and so I did.  I employed most of the tips I learned in class today, but before I can use my tripod I’ll have to clean the sand out of it.  So, far from ideal photos, but four beginner panoramic images.  And a couple of extra photos that I couldn’t resist taking.  It was a glorious Florida day, but that’s just the way we roll here…4-13-19HDRpano34-13-19HDRpano54-13-19HDRpano#24-13-19HDRpano#14-13-19HDRboats34-13-19HDRboats24-13-19HDRboats

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