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The sunsets keep coming…

This one is from a few nights ago at Cypress Point Park.  The plan was to take photos of planes coming in and landing with the sunset colors behind them.  What a photo op that would have been.  But the winds caused a change of runways at the airport, and even then I came away with 676 photos to go through.  So here are a few of the sunset, just a little late.  Let me just say that I got distracted by two boys tossing a football back and forth.  I was hoping to capture the action of throwing the ball.  Then when I reviewed the photos I was very excited thinking since it looked like a bird had thrown my shots.  They were potentially nice shots, this was the only one that I could have cropped to not show the football.  I left the boy in this shot just to remind myself to keep my mind on what I’m doing.4-14-19cypressparksunsetfeature

But there were lots more sunset shots, ones without footballs…4-14-19cypressparksunset54-14-19cypressparksunset44-14-19cypressparksunset34-14-19cypressparksunset24-14-19cypressparksunset1And I couldn’t help but watch another photographer in action.  I wouldn’t enjoy doing portrait photography.  If I’m taking pictures that turn out to be disappointing then I’d prefer that the only one annoyed at me is ME!4-14-19cypresspartwogirls24-14-19cypresspartwogirls

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