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Technology vs people…

Part of the joys of belonging to the photo club that I’ve found here in Florida, and I’ll repeat myself here, it’s the FCCP, Florida Center for Creative Photography, are the classes available to attend in person or online, and the opportunity to learn to use your camera more effectively.  And to do this within a group of people with a common interest, which  leads to pleasant lunches after a shoot, plus friendships to bring even more contentment to your life.  The bigger group through which I found this group is called Meet UP, and through them you might find groups in your own area, for photography or whatever other interest warms your heart.  Connections with people are more important to your/my happiness and mental health than I ever realized.  I needed to spend time at home by myself, and I did, happily at home for a long time, honestly.  But it didn’t sustain me forever, and the people I’ve met here, at work and through photography, plus the people I’ve re-connected with back where I grew up, have made all the difference.

All of which brings me to these pictures.  This is me trying to apply the lessons I learned last Saturday, in a class where we learned to take panoramic photographs.  If you can take the photos correctly the computer can then stitch them into a panorama.  So I had a brainstorm last night and raced out to an overpass in Tarpon Springs to take said panoramas.  Only the view from the overpass wasn’t quite as lovely as I remembered it to be.  And  zooming out to take as many photos as possible resulted in a very wide photo, a good thing I thought, but very small images off in the distance.  Not quite what I was going for.  So it’ll take time to figure out which view suits this sort of image.  But, as I’ve learned in the classes I’ve taken, when you edit in Lightroom the edits are non-destructive, allowing the images to be re-edited, and re-combined, and you might find that your initial disappointment in the photos was just your quick judgement, and it may turn out that they make you happy after all.4-16-19HDRpano2Turns out the largest panoramic image I got won’t load here.  But that’s okay, this one is what I was going for anyhow.   And a few more that I liked…4-16-19HDscene34-16-19HDRsunset4-16-19HDRscene14-16-19HDRcaptjacks4-16-19HDRboat4-16-19HDboat2

Still learning, and that makes me happy…


2 thoughts on “Technology vs people…”

    1. Didn’t really even make it in there. It was too late to have to pay for parking to wander, but it was tempting. The big news is my son is moving back here and they will be living in Tarpon Springs. Not near the sponge docks so you could park there, LOL, but only 14 miles down the road so I’m excited. Of course he will arrive and I will leave a few days later, but only for a while!


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