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John’s Pass…

This photo from the FCCP photo walk last night just might be one of the least colorful one’s that I took, but I found the story behind it to be pretty unique.  We were enjoying being on the boardwalk and the bird’s eye view of the fishing boats that were at anchor, and the fishermen cleaning their fish.  They were being supervised by pelicans, snowy egrets, black crowned night hawks, blue herons, and white egrets, all waiting for scraps from their work.  Not having been there before it was hard to decide where to look first, the cute little shops, the scenery in general, or walk to the beach where the sunset would be happening soon.  One of the other photographers mentioned that when he comes to John’s Pass he always goes down an alley to a little building that has a sign about tarot reading.  I thought he was pointing out a place to eat, but he was talking about the birds, on the roof, on the wires, and on the neighboring buildings.  When we found this place later on the number of birds had dwindled and the owner of the business was hosing down the sidewalk out front.  She said that the birds come to her because of the rescue.  She told us that about 12 years ago a blue heron showed up with a fishing line attached to him, and she liberated him.  Soon another bird came to be rescued, and another, as if they were telling each other where to go when they got caught in the fishing gear.  And so it’s been going for all these years.  Just one little slice of what we saw last night.  After getting home late and having so many photos to go through this is the best I can do for now.  We had hardly gotten out of the car when we arrived and my friend was already declaring that she wanted to come back.  I think that’s a great idea!4-24-19johnspass34-24-19fromtheboardwalknightheron4-24-19john'spasssnowyegret

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