'scene' along the way, Florida landmarks, Florida wildlife, nature, perseverance, photography, sunset, weather

Darn weather…

Timing is everything.  I spent a beautiful Florida day inside yesterday, compulsively looking at and editing photos from John’s Pass.  Also watching my new obsession, Harry Bosch, on Amazon Prime.  Now it’s storming like crazy and and I’m wanting to be out shooting.  At least I won’t run out of episodes of Bosch any time soon.  Sunset from Madeira Beach.  It honestly wasn’t the best sunset ever, but it was a pretty darned good day anyhow.  4-24-19john'spassyelloflowerHDR4-24-19johnspass304-25-2019johnspassheronfish04-25-2019johnspasssunset24=25=19iphonesunset4-24-19johnspass14-24-19johnspass24-24-19john'spasscircleHDR4=26-19John'spasspano

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