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I’ll admit it, I was disappointed.  I had decided to go to Green Key beach for the sunset at the last possible minute.  At 4 miles down the road it was my only hope for a setting with multiple possible shots, talking about composition here.  I’m not so willing to go miles and miles lately, maybe it’s the anticipation of my first snowbird excursion which is coming up soon. When I arrived I walked to my left from the parking lot which is when I saw that the tide was up and the long shots of the sunset colors in the wet sand weren’t going to happen.  So I took this shot…4=27-19greenkeysunsetAnd then walked to the other side of the beach for the main event, but people kept photobombing the actual sunset shot…4=27-19greenkeysunset24=27-19greenkeysunset3But, as usual, I was chatting with another photographer, so it was a pleasant way to spend an hour or so, but I wasn’t concentrating as much on the pictures I was taking as I was with our conversation.  So when I got home and looked at my photos in the computer I was pleasantly surprised.  Sometimes you don’t know what you have when it’s right there in front of you…

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