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That was the name of the class we took.  In the class we used an actual person posing for us in the same garden area five times, in five different poses, in five different places.  At the end of the exercise you, okay, not me because I didn’t know the camera controls in my new camera so I gave up pretty quickly.  And that’s really just an excuse because I never learned to set the focus where I wanted it in any of my cameras.  But I guess the class was a success since I now know how to do exactly that.  And how to erase an image from one photo and add it to another.  Trust me, it’s exhausting, thinking I mean.  At the end of the exercise some of us had the same person appearing five times in the same final photo.  You have to admit that that idea has potential.

Obviously that would be a lot more impressive than seeing three bunnies, or three Ginny dolls, since I easily could have had multiples of those items.  But a heck of a lot of work went into these images and I’m glad I learned to do it.  I’m sure I entertained the neighborhood while I tried to pose various objects out in the sunshine, and before I could get the camera focused the wind would knock them over.  Or I’d realize that the background of the photo was going to be terrible, which had me on the ground trying to shoot so that the sky would be the background.  I tried, but was futile.  I moved inside and got the bunny photo and called it a day.  But I learned a new trick, and I am an old dog, so that’s something…4=27-19ginyx3


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