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We all get reminders of our memories on Facebook, posts that we made on that same date over the years.  Since I’ve been blogging for nearly two years now I mostly get memories that are blog posts from last year,  Today’s was a trip to the Lowry Park Zoo, and the pictures I got that day were such favorites of mine that I got some warm fuzzies to see them today.  It’s been a couple of days of warm fuzzies since I’ve been doing what I can to help my son move into a house just 14 miles from me!  He is back ‘home’, so to speak, and I couldn’t possibly be happier.  His family will be here once school is out.  The timing could be better since I’m  leaving next week for my first snowbird expedition to see places and people I know and love.  And to see new places and find friends I haven’t met yet.  So with nothing new to post I’m happy to share this from last year.  And to be thankful that Mike has come home.


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