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Funny but my reaction to my son moving back to Florida is to thank goodness he’s come ‘home’, even though his growing up years were in MD.  But he did live here quite a while, but when  job offer he couldn’t refuse came through just when my husband died I insisted that he take it.  I was nothing but happy for him to get recognition for his talents at work, but when the news recently came through that the pieces had fallen into place for him to come back to FL I was a very happy mom.  So far it’s my son and the dogs who are here, the rest of the family to follow when school is out.  Oh, and the bearded dragons are here too, Krunch and Kona, who are a couple.  Charley and I once spent a very entertaining few days ‘egg sitting’ for them, moving the aquarium around to better keep the eggs the right temperature, and then laughing hilariously at their antics as they hatched.  They are cute when they are little, really they are.  Mike always used to insist that whatever critter was displayed in the front window of the local pet shop was just the pet he always wanted.  My answer to that was that we had a multitude of pets at home so I didn’t feel sorry for him if I said no.  Plus I held the line at furry, I needed my pets to be furry, so the snakes and bearded dragons had to wait until he was grown.  So when his son wanted a bearded dragon my son was all for it, and he picked one out for himself too.  That they would be running a bearded dragon farm wasn’t part of the plan.  Or I don’t think it was.5-2-19homecoming15-2-19homecominggooddogs5-2-19homecomingnojumping5-2-19homecomingsquirrels

They are settling in well.  The dogs are surprising me, though there was a fence-jumping incident..  A neighbor kid came out to his pool and his own dog barked, so he told his dog to go lay down, and Mike’s dog Smokey did just that.  Flash just watched the show, but no barking.  Not at the squirrels scampering in the big oak tree overlapping the yard, and not at the voices on the other side of the fence as they did yard work.  Yes, they are settling in well.

Could it be better timing for this homecoming?  Well, yes, for I’ll be leaving soon.  Snowbird season is here.  I’ve been distracted, and thinking of all the things I have to do to get ready, but so far it’s only a mental exercise.  Today I mentioned my van/RV combo on an online RV group and the page totally blew up!  Not the right combo they insisted, the RV is too heavy for the Pacifica.  Watching the messages come in was like watching fireworks go off, and my plan blew up also.  Luckily the dealership totally stepped up to the plate, so nothing has changed except that I’ll be enjoying a cozier space than I originally thought I would.  A little disappointing I’ll admit, I really thought I’d like that Murphy bed, but I have these pillows that will look so cute in there…


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  1. Nice photos. I remember when you and Charley were babysitting the bearded dragon eggs. The photos you shared back then were very interesting. All Dawn ever had were furry friends including a hamster. Looking forward to photos of your adventures soon. Have a good day.

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