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Touchdown in York…

It was a trade off, the drive yesterday I mean.  Yes, I avoided the DC/Baltimore areas, which I would have had to negotiate when I was nearly at the end of my rope after 10+ hours of driving.  But driving through   GA, SC, NC, and even VA, on 95 are the easiest parts of the drive.  I usually feel as if I have a chunk of highway to myself and I’m content to drive and sing along with the radio.  For the most part an easy drive, though far from scenic, until you hit DC of course..  Route 77, the Blue Ridge Parkway, on the other hand was scenic enough to be distracting.  And frustrating since all that gorgeous scenery was just available as you glanced for a second and zoomed past at 70 mph.  Even if I’d had a chauffeur getting a photo would have been a challenge.  Though a chauffeur would have been nice, and a keeper would help too for that matter.  Just saying.  So I passed up all the state parks and wildlife refuge areas, the national historic sites, and simply amazing views of rolling green hills dotted with red barns.  Even the cows seemed especially scenic.  12 hours of driving to reach my goal, and at the 9th hour, when I was considering calling it a day, I vowed that I wouldn’t ever do this again.  I’ll travel with the camper, I told myself.  I’ll plan ahead enough to know which potentially scenic area I wanted to see before hand.  A few hours of driving and lots of hours to relax and enjoy the areas instead of driving past them on the highway.  If I had stopped at every potential place to visit yesterday it probably would have taken a month to get here.  Here, by the way, is my daughter’s house in York, PA, where I’m on her deck being teased by a flock of cardinals.  Or maybe it’s just one persistent cardinal.  It’s overcast, misting a little, so I’m content to sit here and listen to the cardinals, and they’re little friends too, and, of course, the traffic noises.  Life is just one big photo op, or so it seems to me…05-08-19femalecardinal05-08-19goldfinch05-08-19robin05-08-19robin205-08-19threebirds05-08-19twobirds05-08-cardinalonthewireAnd Lucy!05-08-19Lucy2

2 thoughts on “Touchdown in York…”

  1. I’m enjoying your photos. I love their dogs face. Same kind like Zoe? What’s the dogs name? Relax, have a great time with Heather and your grandkids.🙂

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